2017 The most popular hair extensions for men Color any you choose

2017 years have come, many girls are busy to give yourself what kind of new shape, for what new hair dye what new hair extensions for men color, in fact, in addition to girls, many boys are also considering this problem, here Editor Will give you the popular 2017 boys hair dye pictures, I believe you will be male fellow heart these hair color.

Boring Cyan: dark tone of the boring blue is suitable for boys choice, infected with a nausea blue hair extensions for men can be said to be a handsome height, shovel out the middle + fluffy short hair, really handsome to not, especially mature and stable.

Brown: classic brown is also a lot of boys love hair color, after all, brown does not pick people, and fashionable, but like when a boys hairstyle,hair extensions for men brown after the increase in recognition, but also added fashion Fan children.

Flax color: you are still asked 2017 male hair color popular? This flax color is quite good, put on the linen color is not only the young handsome trend is demonstrated Fan children,hair extensions for men both sides of the use of green shovel design, refreshing and can show charming side face contour.

Silver: who cool silver with the fire in the boys hair exploded in the pot, this hair extensions for men color is really very attractive, which can become the focus of the crowd, with a sense of messy design short hair, really ears cool Handsome to no one.


Brown: 90 boys may be more like this brown, this is one of the popular hair extensions for men, hair color gives a warm feeling, especially healers, very suitable for this winter.