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Face different, how to take the best human hair extensions?

Want to have a nice hairstyle, not the United States how beautiful hair, the key is to look at that hair is suitable for their own, it depends on their own best human hair extensions is suitable for their face, and face and hair with a very important, So what kind of hair specifically for their face it? Editor specifically for everyone to organize this article.

Rhomboid face for hair: wide cheekbones is the biggest feature of the rhomboid face, it is best to be modified as much as possible about this feature, such as the use of longer hair to modify the wide cheekbones, the former weight to be sufficient, and to avoid In the best human hair extensions in the repair of vertical lines or straight lines, preferably in the side of the hot volume or wave. Wide cheekbones will make people look very hard, and full of fluffy shape will bring a lovely feeling, with what will be better.

To avoid drawing in the hair in the sub-line, the sub-line will make the face look more slender, more hardening, as far as possible with a little longer bangs cover the forehead, according to their best human hair extensions flow to the left or right side to make partial distribution lines, Oblique carding, so that the line of sight with the flow of hair to the side.

Round face for hair: round face is more suitable for comb straight hair straight down, because the volume will increase the volume on both sides of the face, face shape will be more large, straight best human hair extensions straight lines will be visually weakened round face Width, hair on the face shape of the modification is also reflected in the ear before the straight hair, it can be modified to achieve the effect of a round face.

best human hair extensions
Destruction of the contours of a round face, we have to transform its length to find ways to make it look no longer round. The best way is to make the best human hair extensions more abundant, increase the height and fullness of the hair, so that you can visually elongated round face.


Oval-shaped face for the hair: If you want more playful or less age, you can cut the short best human hair extensions below the ear, so broken hair to decorate the weird feeling.

best human hair extensions
Oval face has almost perfect face, if your eyes are also very elves, may wish to stay casual feel some best human hair extensions, neither neat Qi Liu, nor is the definition of the points, like the star as free natural hair.


How to tie the ball head look good: fashion by age of the best human hair extensions you get it

best human hair extensions

How to tie the ball head look good? Cute ball by the age of the best human hair extensions popular swept the fashion circle, no matter how short hair ball tie head look good, or the first half of the ball head Zhafa, let fashionable people control the perfect perfect, take a look at these balls head bar method.

best human hair extensions

Popular fashion best human hair extensions, well-known! Even deliberately to follow, because the fashion elements can always be mad for a long time … …

best human hair extensions

With the ball stole the frequent exit, the stars they control the ultimate perfection. Head tied to a small ball, it is extremely cute cute. Whether it is the first ball or best human hair extensions , in short, are the United States on the right.

The first ballball head
Of course, whether it is a ball head or a half-ball head, no matter what a tie hairstyle, do not miss the European and British are popular ball hair ornaments! These best human hair extensions  decoration is not new, indeed the most popular nowadays!

best human hair extensions
Perhaps you would think that best human hair extensions  ornaments is the kind of exaggerated diamond style? In actual fact, subversion of the money go a simple route. Simple and elegant, simple lines, a single color is the key, easy to match different styles of dress, for your free ball hair, bring a little freshness!

What are the best type of human hair extensions to use for fine hair?

When it comes to fine hair you need to find best human hair extensions that are lightweight and non damaging. Fine hair can not hold a lot of weight so you need to find a method that is thin and lightweight.


Clips tend to be bulky and can actually cause bald spots in best human hair extensions. Keratin and fusion extensions do not work well for fine hair, as you see they will slide right out.


Best human hair extensions are great for fine hair. They are thin, lightweight, and move with your own hair. You can wear hair up or down and you cannot see them.


It is perfect for adding length and volume to fine hair. Best human hair extensions are thin and even grow out with your own hair! It has been the number one option for thin hair women.


I’ve made my own clip in best human hair extensions in the past. It’s significantly cheaper to sew pieces of a weft (package) of hair to the clips yourself. I believe about 5 years ago I paid around $65 and can reuse the clips once the hair frays. I used them for around 2 months until my hair was a manageable length again.


Also, I thought I’d mention 2 things that improved my best human hair extensions fine hair considerably. Washing with baking soda and conditioning with ACV was the best thing ever.


My best human hair extensions is so much thicker now and I have my hairline back. Took about a month to see the change, but my hair became fluffier overnight.


I also started supplementing best human hair extensions with Biosil, which is biotin and silica, but saw bigger results from the above. Anyway, wanted to mention it since it’s again, a cheaper option.