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Is it unprofessional to wear crochet braids with human hair twists to work?

Well this is sort of asking,”Is natural hair unprofessional?” Personally, I say no. As long as the crochet braids with human hair is neat and clean, the employer shouldn’t have anything to say.

With that being said, investment banks, private law firms, etc. tend to have a more conservative atmosphere with less African Americans. Those environments may negatively judge your crochet braids with human hair. However, there are plenty of work environments that welcome cultural diversity such as local, state and national government, dental fields, medical fields, teaching field, and hairsalons. You have to find an environment that works for you.

One of my friends is a Compensation Analyst in the Human Resources Department for a prestigious university. She regularly wears crochet braids with human hair; she says its a flexible hairstyle as she exercises for marathons and 5Ks regularly. Her Caucasian counterparts accept her; most of the derogatory comments she receives about her hair come from other African Americans. “Why do you wear your hair like that?” “Are you going to change it?” as if there was an issue with her hair.

First thing, what is the dress code ? There are companies that have guidelines as to how to wear your crochet braids with human hair.

Personally I do not see anything wrong with it but I would not do anything too fancy, Loose, buns or tied back in appropriate. You start adding knots or colors – you would be stretching it. Keep it within natural crochet braids with human hairĀ coloration – that goes for all types of hair.


If you are in a flexible and/or creative environment that allows freedom – no problem but conservative crochet braids with human hairĀ attire would use the principle of KISS – keep it simple stupid.