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In 2017, depending on your face you need to come in several different lace wigs


If you are considering how to change your style in 2017, then change the lace wigs hairstyle should be your first choice. So we prepared for you according to your face and determine the style of your hair, I believe we can find their own hairstyle.


If you have a round face,for a round face of the hair: a round face This face will often look childish, so the hair may wish to design a little mature, the lace wigs hair should be divided into two sides and have some waves, so the face will not look great circle. Can also be the side of the hair, short side inward slightly cover a cheek, the longer side of the top can be done from the top of the warped waves, so that “elongated” face. This face should not stay Liu.


Long face for the long hair: the hair to stay to the chin, leaving some bangs or cheek hair cut short can reduce the length of the face and enhance the sense of width. Hair can also be combed into a soft full shape, so that the face has a more rounded feel. In short, the general nature, fluffy lace wigs hair can give long face to increase beauty.


Suitable for oval face hair: oval face should be the most perfect face in girls, long hair and short lace wigs hair can be controlled, can be shoulder-length LOB head is particularly suitable. But it should be noted that as much as possible to show his face, highlighting the beauty of this face coordination.


Suitable for square face hair: square face hair should be combed up, the contour should be fluffy, but not the hair pressure is too flat, the hair before the lace wigs hair area to stay thicker, you can modify the face, the forehead may also be appropriate to leave some long hair.