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2017 latest wave fasnion humen hair extensions stores near me


Humen hair extensions stores 
wig into full manual, semi-manual and woven products, all hand compared to consuming too laborious, so prices are more expensive. Now the market price of the wig from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, the price of the more well-known brands million. On the day the cat and found that many brands of wigs, but a large gap between the price from tens of dollars, a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.
Insiders have said that now because of the  hair extensions stores industry, independent research and development capabilities are not enough, therefore, the price has become the main means of competition. It is worth noting that the growing rise of the wig industry, also makes some brands began to expand the layout. For example, Rebecca wig brand has been established in nearly 200 stores nationwide, comprehensive coverage of the second-tier cities, the layout of the domestic high-end wig market.1
Today, many women wear wig. Municipality  hair extensions stores sales insiders Anna presentation,women in the choice of wigs, can be selected with the face shape. When the wig daily maintenance, there are some details that need attention.
If you are oval-shaped, suitable for any style of wearing wigs. If the round face women, not suitable for wearing long hair. Lianpan smaller women, children choose to have bangs hair shawl. Women face shape more lenient, do not choose wavy hair. Petite women, an optional compact type hair extensions stores . Tall women in the election wig hair fluffy some optional.
An ordinary hair care, use a special comb wig comb. Be careful not to spray water gel, wax and the like styling agent in the wig, which would allow wig becomes very sticky, and affecting life.
Humen hair extensions stores part wig is washable, but pay attention when washing, use cold blisters 5-10 minutes, then gently scratched hair on it, do not wring their hands, but do not use the washing machine.

real human hair extensions notes and hair care

Human hair extensions are connected to the hair on their real hair, and instantly achieve the hair transformation from short to long, hair extension  can be hair wigs, it can be real hair. If you want  to achieve long hair,  how much do hair extensions cost? it  Is not expensive ah, together with me to see how much the hair then?


is it good?
Simple hair extension
Simply pick the hair takes about 300-400, the hair can be divided into fibers, simulation, real hair, the price also have differences. Then hair color is difficult to find exactly the same, if you want the effect looks better then need staining. hair extension is not easy to keep, I took over, when washing hair because weight is a bit sore, but also  usually will inadvertently dropped a two hair.


Hair extension time and maintenance
human hair extensions is directly connected to real hair, so the effect is more natural and lasting. To achieve natural and realistic effects, it can only take 10 or so a small strand of hair. Under normal circumstances, usually take the whole head of hair is divided into about 300 shares, respectively, then  it will take 7-8 hours, and the partial thin hair is divided into more shares, each share hair less.
After receiving the hair can not sauna, use hot water or wash your hair with a hair dryer blowing, because the high temperature will affect the adhesive fastness. And when not a hair comb in the end, to be divided into two parts comb.
Care properly, then long hair in general can keep three to six months.




Hair extensions notes
Sending and receiving should be preceded by an appointment, let the hairdresser seen your color hair and original hairstyles, real human hair extensions and determine whether you can be able to have.
When sending and receiving their hair generally more than 7 cm, including the back of the head and the bottom of the hair, shorter hair can not be connected.


If you dyed his hair, then you need to be doing the same in advance hair extensions  dyeing process, the dye may be connected again.
To the whole head of hair short to take a long, expensive and time-consuming quite long. May wish to design a hairdresser please just take a long wisp of human hair extensions fresh, feel and then decide.
Because hair extensions is real hair, so in the end to be able to take long restricted material sources. Preferably in advance according to the length and texture you want to select the most suitable.