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Does human braiding hair promote hair growth?

There are a lot of arguments about whether or not human braiding hair promote hair growth.

human braiding hair

Hair grows the same lenghth period. Either if it is down or in braids. There is an old wives tale that says human braiding hair promote hair growth. I believe this is because if you leave your hair braided you will not be prone to color it or apply heat to your hair in order to style. This is stops hair breakage due to heat styling.

human braiding hair

Also one must know that braids can also damage hair. If your hair is braided too tightly this can cause traction alopecia. If you also have synthetic hair added to human braiding hair for extensions this can also cause hair loss due to the extra weight of the synthetic hair.


Hair growth is determined by genetics, and by the General health of your body. I’m not aware of anything you can do to the dead hair (the part that’s visible) that will affect the growth, which is beneath the skin. Putting your hair in a single loose braid may protect it from breakage, thereby making it seem like it’s growing faster. Those little tiny tight human braiding hair all over make you lose a lot of hair when you take them out, and they put a lot of tension on the scalp so they can cause bald or thinning patches. Eating a proper diet, getting adequate sleep, taking pharmaceutical grade vitamins and massaging the scalp can all help to ensure your hair is growing to its maximum potential.

human braiding hair

So the answer to whether not human braiding hair promote hair growth is not exactly solid. It think it has a lot do with the the individual and their lifestyle.

human braiding hair

No, but often braids will eliminate the need for heat tools which damage your hair and make it break. So if you braid your human braiding hair regularly, you’ll likely find your hair grows longer simply because you won’t be using damaging heat tools on your hair and it won’t break off!