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human hair extensions clip

human hair extensions clip design to the visual point of not the same fashion

Autumn days gradually cooler, in this season what hairstyle? Want to change the human hair extensions clip of you,let’s look at these hairstyle pictures, autumn 12 hairstyle make you temperament Variety, by age also special fashionable.


Hair too long to take care of it? Try shawl in the long hair, so that a long hair Liu Qi, with the curved air bangs with straight hair, by age or modification of face.A little more sense of human hair extensions clip air in the  is more literary temperament, a little hot roll is very fashionable wild, a little bangs pure and Lolita.

There is such a long half-length of human hair extensions clip, lob head to increase the wave curls mature and fashionable, boring blue hair color reveals a sense of low-key luxury.

Autumn ponytail fashionable girl, flat bangs plus both sides of the long hair broken hair repair Yan more by age, girl flu almost overflow, and minutes to the lovely fried!Beautiful long human hair extensions clip also have to try it, Korean fluffy fluffy very good sense of the modified face, is also a cute and stylish face, like the sub-S-shaped bang design more Yan by age.

The end of the first bend of the sister’s head to increase the girls look innocent, looked like a favor, pure by age without losing the sense of fashion.

Autumn long-haired sister can also change a fashionable human hair extensions clip, so deep pink really dream it, sweet in a trace of cool air, to add warmth to the fall.Big sister’s long hair can also try this kind of grandmother gray, gray hair is still very obvious, personality and pull the wind.

Autumn short human hair extensions clip is not recommended to cut too short, or cooling time to a much cold ah, or try this half-length wave of the first it, the air bangs sweet by age, slightly reddish hair color white to enhance temperament.

The same is  human hair extensions clip, so asymmetric design more eye-catching, both sides of the length of the different short hair, burned with flat after Liu sweet cute, is the same as long face sister.

This is also a good refreshing in it, no human hair extensions clip simple design atmosphere, with a short curly hair perm, a little more fashionable face, capable temperament is OL also suitable for it.

The most simple sub-wave head, in the sub-short straight human hair extensions clip styling for more hair sister, dark brown hair color is the classic autumn and winter, fashionable wild. Autumn 12 hairstyle for you to introduce is completed, which one you like it?

What’s the best way to blend natural hair into human hair extensions clip?

Curling is the best way, or having your hair cut into layers to match the length of the extensions. You can take your humen hair extensions clip to a hair stylist for help learning how to style them with your hair.


Human hair extensions clip are wefts of hair that are attached to a small clip or row of clips, which open and close with a snap or click. The clips are snapped into place in a layering manner under your natural hair. The clips are not visible and blend your new long hair into your own. With a little bit of practice, clipping the extensions in becomes rather easy and takes only a few minutes. Taking them off is even easier.
Human hair extensions clip add instant length and volume to your hair for a fraction of the price of permanent extensions. They can be added and removed instantly with relative ease.


If you do a thorough shopping or research you can find a which will be matching your human hair extensions clip. Same pattern  hair extensions will perfectly blend with your natural hair. Another way is to go and seek advice from a hair stylist. They will know what hair type is yours and will know places to get good quality hair extensions.

Clip in hair extension is very safe and easy to put in and take out; it won’t damage your hair at all.human hair extensions clip is also easy to care, you don’t need to wash them often, a week a time is enough, and always use mild shampoo and conditioner, after wash them, must lay it and let it dry completely.
Clip in hair extension is definitely a good choice if you want a temporary hair extension.


Human hair extensions clip are really safe and blends fine with our hair. You don’t have to do anything to your hair for fixing hair clip extensions. Make sure to buy the hair extension which matches your hair structure and just clip it on to your hair. Hair extensions come in various colors and styles enabling you to have a custom look anytime. You can now get long hair you’ve always wanted almost instantly with hair extensions. They are also very easy to maintain and style; and more importantly, your bad hair days will be just a memory.