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How do I take care of my human hair extensions for braiding?


Human hair extensions for braiding are amazing but they will require maintenance to last. If you do not take extra care of the hair extensions they will get matte and tangled and you will not be able to use them. First things first, you want to make sure that you have purchase remy human hair extensions for braiding. Remy hair is really human hair that is just like your own! Fake hair and synthetic hair are almost impossible to care for and will not last long no matter what you do. If you are looking to take care of remy human hair extensions here if the hair care routine you should follow:


1.Brush hair with a human hair extensions for braiding brush daily. This will prevent mating and tangling.
2.Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, one that has oils in it to nourish the hair extensions. Human hair extensions for braiding do not get the natural oils like your own hair does, so they will need extra conditioner to prevent them from getting dry.

3.Use a hair mask weekly to hydrate the extensions-keeping the hair soft and tangle free is the goal.
4.Use a human hair extensions for braiding heat protectant spray whenever styling the extensions.

5.Braid the hair extensions before sleeping to keep them from getting tangled.
6.Never sleep with wet hair extensions and never sleep with clip in hair extensions in your head.



I am using hair extensions for 1 years. This human hair extensions for braiding will provide me a very beautiful look of my hair and I think you are completely agree with me. So, you can follow this steps for maintenance your hair extensions:


1.Take your extensions human hair extensions for braiding out before going to bed and brush them carefully.

2.Wash your extensions through shampoo and conditioner.
3.Keep them moisturized, especially when you style extensions often.
4.Take care when heat styling your human hair extensions for braiding.


Your human hair extensions for braiding will last a very long time if you maintain a good routine in caring and looking after them.Learn how you can manage and take better care for your human hair extensions for braiding using these simple hair extension care tips.

Personality short hair male fashion cool human hair extensions for braiding

Variety boys hair short hair is always the main, want to change a personalized boys short hair, what hair was nice and spirit? xiaobian for you to share several personality male short hair, human hair extensions for braiding fashion is called a word, cool.With a look.

Boys short flat hair type, watching the sun very resolute. A manly hairstyle, the trend does not say, but also very personal.


How to take care of the boy’s human hair extensions for braiding  is more compelling it? This guy bangs oblique short hair hot hair, dyed hair color is dark brown, low-key yet stylish and handsome.

Design an oblique bangs short hair, human hair extensions for braiding  styling designed to orange line, revealing the sun and charming smile, the fashion tide male sunshine steal the spotlight.

It is suitable for boys a little face hot fluffy hair short human hair extensions for braiding , dark brown hair color system, with the pale face, he was handsome and stylish charm.

If you are confident about her looks, then enough, you may wish to try this without bangs fluffy hair hot male human hair extensions for braiding , understated brown hair, handsome fashion in one.

Human hair extensions for braiding  with a personlity point of literary range, and gives a very warm flavor. Especially that the violin posture, it is a kind of mold. Such small fresh boy, but very sought-after oh.


Some boys fashion trends, that this non-fluffy bangs human hair extensions for braiding  hot hair can not afford to miss, hair color orange line, the fashion was handsome and white.


Mainly black boy human hair extensions for braidings, trim level texture hot short hair look very glossy, Liu Qi hit point wax filling adorable little sense to stay cool, full of handsome facial features personality!