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What are the best kinds of human hair extensions sew in?

Human hair extensions sew in  suppliers are not governed by a regulating entity. It is the key. There is not a uniform standard. Every supplier says their hair extensions are the best. But there are big differences between them.

In another side, different people have different “best kinds of human hair extensions sew in “. No shedding or tangling? Natural unprocessed? Full bottom? Last 1 year? It is really hard to define.


As a result, 5a6a7a8a grade are popular. It is tricky too. Not a uniform standard. One supplier’s 7a maybe another’s 9a. Just names without real means.

But as a business, there is a rule — you get what you pay for. You get best kinds of human hair extensions sew in  when you pay for highest rates.


In my eyes, the best kind of human hair extensions sew in is braid hair. It is cut from donors directly. Unprocessed or only processed for colors. It has intact cuticles which seal in moisture and protect hair from environmental demages.


But with the higher price of material ( Raremess makes expensive. More girls dye their hair. Less girls sell hair. ), braid hair is more and more expensive. Most human hair extensions sew in  in the market is not the best type.



It is ok because it is shedding and tangling free. Take colors and last for 6 months. Even through it is not the best.Try to find the most suitable one, rather than the best one .

The best kind of human hair extensions sew in  is one which is honestly what it says it is, and lasts a year at the very least. It should have a healthy cuticle aligned pointing downward (remy) and little to no shedding or tangling.


As far as ethnicity, the reason Indian human hair extensions sew in  is highly revered is because it is in high supply. The culture is one in which heat and damaging styling methods are not used. So the hair is naturally very healthy and extremely versatile. And unlike Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian…etc… It ACTUALLY exists. Many of these other ethnicities of hair are not truly the ethnicity they claim to be.


Direct Suppliers are always outside of the US. (Don’t let anyone tell you differently) And therefore, they don’t have to follow human hair extensions sew in regulations that a US manufacturer would.


The hair industry is tricky! Because they aren’t governed by a regulating entity such as FDA for food and drugs, there’s a lot of dishonesty. As a result of the human hair extensions sew in dishonesty from the factories themselves many sellers are unaware of what they are actually offering you. They simply following what was told to them by their supplier.