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Girls perm hair outre wigs Variety fashion is good-looking

In the present era of popular fashion, it seems hot dye hair has become commonplace, but how hot hair look good?Editor today recommended the girls perm hair outre wigs Daquan, Variety fashion is good-looking.

Hair is not a lot of girls, you can take care of the hair into a homogeneous hair Liu Qi outre wigs styling, partial red hair color, white face, stylish and tender.

2017 girls how to take care of the outre wigs look good? This reddish brown hair fluffy hair, white face, fashion and more wild temperament.

Short hair control girls are worth a try Qi Liu short hair perm hair, white face, fashion repair youth more youth Smart temperament.
This is a very suitable for shoulders outre wigs mushroom cool shoulders hot hair type, white face, personality sunglasses embellishment, even more fashion cute.

This is a dark brown line partial long hair perm hair, natural pisan in the chest, white face, highlighting the full fashion temperament.
Dark brown outre wigs, simple design into a fluffy Liuzhou fluffy micro-curling hair type, white face, fashion aesthetic and romantic.


Diamond face with these outre wigs hair design really quite ride

Diamond face sister because the face cheekbones high, most of the time feel relatively high cold, but many people simply is not this character,outre wigs sometimes because of this miss these things, so the diamond-shaped face sister want to change, in fact, Do not take big risks to do the change on the face, you can try starting from the hair, pick for hair can have a feeling of not having.

This hair skillfully with a thin bangs cover the forehead, both sides of the outre wigs hair and close to the face will face smaller, while not so prominent cheekbones, although the whole person still looks very impressive, but did not give it difficult Close to the feeling, the United States and the United States da is very attractive.

Straight hair wave head is also modified with oblique bangs face, side of the hair ear plug can make the face look three-dimensional, there was thin around, cheekbones do not seem prominent, the other side of the outre wigs hair cover the cheek, so there is new Of the face contours, looks fresh and sweet, that wood has a high cold feeling.

Qi Liu Qi with the inside cover forehead to change the face, and then fluffy hair on both sides of the modified face in the visual, so that the cheekbones of the outre wigs rhomboid face is not so prominent, to change the temperament of the people charm.

Two eight oblique bangs cover the forehead to modify the face, both sides of the asymmetric outre wigs design can make the diamond-shaped face of the cheekbones lines become soft, not so prominent high cold, hair tail simple volume design sweetness, let sister become sweet sweet .


2017 popular outre wigs hairstyle trends short hair long hair has heat


When it comes to popular outre wigs hairstyles, short hair and long hair is certainly not less. Short hair in the new year, 2017 will still be very popular short hair, there are many sister still like long hair styling, so good-looking hair will be popular, and quickly look at these 2017 The popular hairstyle.

Style 1
Hair tail is divided into levels of pruning, and then within the volume design,outre wigs not only to fluffy shape, but also increase the sweetness. And then get on the unilateral angel wings bangs, on the perfect.


Style 2

Qi Qi Liu irregular with the long hair, so that my sister is not only smaller face,outre wigs as well as personality charm. Golden brown hair not only looks fashionable, but also to the skin more white and tender, is also like praise.

Style 3
Bunches of bangs with multi-level long hair This should be sweet, but take the linen brown hair after becoming more fashionable personality charm, outre wigs in the crowd to attract everyone’s attention, let a person shines.

Style 4
Irregular Qi Liu with fluffy hair,outre wigs not only modified the first look good little face, and let the sister look super sweet super beauty. Hair volume also looked super-abundance, the sister on the hair can try.

Although talking about several looks less, but like the sister can still be used as a reference.