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Qi ears short hair how easy to look good, fashion girl will get the real hair extensions

How to tie a short hair short hair look good, tie hair before we have to take care of our short hair, so smooth and smooth real hair extensions, only to help follow-up steps. And then take a bunch of hair on the ears, pulled high, and other hair completely separated.

Will be divided into two parts of a good real hair extensions bundle, began to compile, the process of hair to continue to join the hair, continue down to the end of the hair, fixed with a rubber band, and finally pulled the tail to the back of the head position, the use of fixed hairpin it is good.

After the completion of hair tie, we can also use their favorite real hair extensions ornaments for its decoration, can make the whole hair look more fashionable.


Qi ears short hair can tie hair, tie up is very simple, but very nice wood there!


Very stylish and full of contours of the United States retro style ear short real hair extensions styling special, very rare, which means that when you cut this paragraph hair, hit probability is very low, so you are the most individuality and highlight the crowd Of the one.


Girls shorter hair, the more significant the more refreshing and the spirit, which is why there are so many girls like Qi Er short real hair extensions. Broken bangs and cute cute hair, chestnut brown hair color fashion atmosphere, is simply a perfect match.


Aoki linen gray is very popular this year, the hair color, and fresh short real hair extensions and auricular Aoki linen gray is very phase contrast, can give a sense of fashion, leisure, small fresh girls may wish to try this short hair.