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Why do African women love real human hair extensions so much?

Like many questions of the form you’ve used, this is a question that really has no answer other than “just because that’s the way it is”. An alternate question would “why do white women love real human hair extensions and use makeup so much?” What kind of answer would you give to that?

This real human hair extensions story can be discussed for days, many women do it for many reasons. I don’t really like it, because usually I feel that many women do it for validation in terms of beauty. But maybe they just prefer it to their natural hair.

Not to be too critical, but generalize much? Here in Nigeria weaves are more common, although I see everything from close crops, to straightening, dreads, and yes, weaves. Braids too. Basically the usual degree of real human hair extensions creativity and concern for beauty, a desire for respect, and a way to show individuality. You know, human beings doing their own thing.

It’s like it makes some women feel good about themselves, since long straight real human hair extensions has always been the epitome of beauty. Our short kinky hair is never appreciated and seen as beautiful… rather it is termed nappy.

You’ve over-generalised, prejudiced, stigmatised or perhaps even racially profiled. Never ask a question in this form. Real human hair extensions makes you look like a bigot, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, or in particular just a jerk, depending on your question.

Before you ask why, ask if. Do you really think ALL AFRICANS do love real human hair extensions you’ve mentioned? Really? All of them????

The explanation: standards of beauty are different around the world. Some women in African nations use real human hair extensions quite frequently because that’s a standard of beauty that they appreciate.

Short hot real human hair extensions type picture 2016 Female: Youth invincible short perm to make your eyes light up

Autumn wanted to change a new hairstyle, girls short real human hair extensions popular what kind of hair? Wild popular short perm youth invincible, you want to have a charming temperament, together with Xiaobian look at 2016 short hair hairstyles female picture, these short-haired hair picture 2016 female always have a right for you.


Short hair hair type
Oblique points of the bangs to make this short perm looks very feminine, hair tail unique perm design not only make real human hair extensions look more full, beautiful curvature of the hairstyle adds fashion sense, very wild and engaging!


Short hair hair 2
The same short real human hair extensions perm is made at the end of the shape, but this has taken a buckle in the way, it will bring out the face of the fine and perfect, crushing bangs to add a smart natural fashion sense, coupled with a cap Really is invincible youth!


Short hair hair 3
This beautiful natural pear blossom short real human hair extensions is a lot of girls love, brown hair design wild and will not go wrong, with the curl of the pear head is simply perfect, air bangs and hair styling can give a person Kind of Mengmei the feeling of paper, really super good-looking!


Short hair hair 4
Clean and agile dark brown short real human hair extensions is very temperament, but also highlights the girls white skin color, and fluffy perm design for the entire shape adds a charming temperament, valgus bangs is very distinctive, so that the shape of the good-looking On the basis of whom more eyes brighten.


Short hair hair type 5
Gloss is very good real human hair extensions design really make hair looks like texture, air bangs can also make girls more lovely sweet temperament, Jiaoqiao hair tail is able to outline the delicate compact face, people see It is very fresh and beautiful.


2017 popular hairstyles of real human hair extensions in the long hair and short hair

2017 Fashion hairstyles for real human hair extensions

Style 1: in the long hair

Now many goddesses like to stay in real human hair extensions, so in 2017 will also be popular, I believe there will be more girls to choose such a hairstyle to enhance the temperament. Such as recommended in the sub-long hair, it seems simple but so temperament and goddess, just let people fall in love with.


Style 2: air bangs long hair

Said that the real human hair extensions and hair with more, in 2017 popular hairstyle is bound to such a hairstyle, after all, the air bangs girl temperament or by a lot of sister paper like, with a natural and Smart in the long hair , Really do not beautiful.


Style 3: Korean long hair

Korean flavor in the long real human hair extensions in 2016 is already very fire, and certainly in 2017 will not fall back, will only let the heat rise again! Recommend a hot volume of hair is very small fresh, But also revealed a little bit of the taste of a woman, people unable to stop.



2017 popular hairstyle female short hair

Style 1: wave head short hair

Whether 2016 or 2017, I believe that real human hair extensions will continue to be popular. The recommended wave of this section will be more suitable for personality or boyfriend girl some wind, with straight shun hair with a neat bangs, both with the simplicity of the personality and uncover the uninhibited, very cool handsome.


Style 2: hot rolled short hair

The use of hot design real human hair extensions in 2017 years will also be a fire, do not say anything else, from a sense of design and fashion sense is enough. If you want not the same, may wish to try to contract a fresh warm color hair color, as will be more fresh and sweet.


Style 3: straight short hair

Stay straight real human hair extensions girls will be more well-behaved, a bit like the way the next sister, but this is a recommended short hair is the image of temperament, both sides of the hair tightly wrapped face, and with a Qimian Liu, Not only repair face-lift face is tender and tender.



the ultimate experience of real human hair extensions

Mentioned real human hair extensions, possibly people all experienced will have endless grievances, comb unreasonable, difficult to clean, or even damage your hair, can not bear the pain of this series make you love it in mind, the body can be difficult from life , it  can satisfy you  who want short hair instantly longer, thicker hair without bleaching  real human hair extensions  can achieve the effect  of various coloring   fashion


currently four known  real human hair extensions methods are glued, fastening, braided pick, clamp connection. fourth is progressive relationship An advanced than one kind.


Is the first to use  real human hair extensions into a wisp of a small strand, each strand of hair is about 10-20, and then use the glue, wipe the hair root in a small strand of hair, take the same amount of hair wig in place quickly connected to the  real human hair extensions,hair root from the hair should be about one centimeter. Adhesive rapidly solidified, so they took good. However, it is extremely easy to fall, because the glue will dissipate. Easy to stick hair a mess, very good care, hair will tangle into a cook, not a good time to split the split, after all, this glue in the chemical composition of their hair will be very hurt! It will cause severe hair loss problems.


The hair is divided into small branches, with a special button to be connected fixedly connected to the human hair extensions root , the hair is naturally drawn to cover the buttons. But the head of the foreign body sensation can be extremely serious, sleep also to Ge, and when the shampoo is very troublesome, because you want to avoid catch buckle, so there is no way to completely clean the scalp to a great deal of burden. And with her hair in long, connected to the original hair root shelter buttons will gradually exposed, while the hair is easy to pick a plume off. You know, a wisp of hair suddenly fell, people see is the back is definitely a live broadcast of the horror film.

Then braid

Be sending and receiving technical step leap forward, with respect to the above two kinds of hair extension method, damage to the hair will be slightly lighter. But they are particularly vulnerable to exposure, and good care, hair extension unnatural effect, will become a sheet, strand makeup, hair and you can not completely tied up, because that ugly contacts like a ugly scar as a reminder the people around you, how embarrassing this is self-evident pain Yes.

Clamp connection

It is ready to do the whole piece of hair, then the card in place of hair can be. It can always pick to wear, but it’s not good fixity, easy to fall off, only for temporary use, definitely not a permanent solution.

On the basis of this integrated approach on several hair extension, EBI hair and beauty shops technical team on the traditional hair extension has been improvement, the original “EBI invisible sending and receiving.” Then the hair is often very thin, very obedient, from the outside by hand or touch feeling of the hair extension. Nenggen own hair can be a good convergence, so it is difficult to see traces of hair extension. And very breathable, will not be airtight and then finished pulling the scalp feeling. And it can easily take care of, with a comb, you can own clear, because it is 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic real human hair extensions  operation, will be more real, supple and easy care. But also easy to dye operation, you do look better shape, not as dissipated as other connection, so more texture after Zhaqi will not exposed any traces of hair extension after styling. But also do not have any chemicals or ingredients to the hair and scalp burden immeasurable. There is absolutely every person sending and receiving needs a prime choice.






Before After